The ACC detects unwanted particle tracks running through the tracker

volume outside the main acceptance mimicking anti-nuclei.

Requirements for the ACC-System:

  1. High detection efficiency

  2. operational in high field

  3. fast response for trigger

The ACC-System consists of 16 scintillator panels (Bicron BC414) with the dimensions 826.5mm x 230mm x 8mm. The scintillation light is transported by wave length shifting fibers (Kuraray Y-11(200)M, 1mm diameter) to an optical connector. From here clear fibers (Bicron BCF-98, 1mm diameter) are used to transport the light to the photomultiplier tube (R5946-70 Hamamatsu).


AMS Anti-Coincidence-Counter

Dr. C.H. Chung, W. Karpinski, Dr. Th. Kirn, M. Wlochal

Machining of the ACC panels at the workshop of the I. Physics Institute. For more pictures click on the photo.