The Tracker Alignment System of AMS is a laser based system to monitor the mechanical stability of the AMS silicon tracker. The central green lines in the picture below give an impression of the laser light path in the central silicon tracker.

The main components relevant for the performance of the TAS are shown below:

1.) Upper Left: The carbon fiber support structure of the silicon tracker

2.) Upper right: The Laser diodes, operated at 1080 nm.

3.) Lower left: The silicon ladders of the AMS silicon tracker.

4.) Lower right: The holes on the metallization of the silicon wafers and the shape of the laser signals as recorded by the silicon tracker readout system.


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AMS Tracker-Alignment-System

B. Beischer, Dr. C.H. Chung, W. Karpinski, Dr. Th. Kirn,

Prof. em. K. Lübelsmeyer, Dr. Schultz von Dratzig,

Prof. S. Schael, Dr. G. Schwering, Dr. Th. Siedenburg, M. Wlochal