Prof. Dr. Stefan Schael

I. Physikalisches Institut B

RWTH Aachen

Sommerfeldstr. 14

D-52074 Aachen

Tel.:  +49 241 802 7159

Fax.: +49 241 802 2661

E-mail: Stefan.Schael AT

Office 28C-205, Physikzentrum Melaten


The research groups of the I. Physics Institute B of the RWTH Aachen are involved in projects in experimental particle and astro-particle physics. The activities cover new particle  detector development, the construction of large particle physics detectors, the integration, commissioning and operation of particle physics experiments, software development and scientific data analysis. A special focus is the nature of Dark Matter.

We are currently participating in the CMS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and the AMS Experiment on the International Space Station. In addition we are developping a new tracking detector (Scintillating Fiber Tracker) for the LHCb Experiment.

AMS Experiment

We offer students the opportunity to participate already as under graduates in our research projects. Please get in contact with me in case of interest.